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News from OM (a lot of it)

2016 Yoga in America Study

Hola! So much info and infographics about yoga. Rage yoga? Hmmm (with a pint of beer! um, what? in YOGA AS THERAPY) . . .

My top picks: Gift of Silence by Tedx in MEDITATION and Science.Mic's distinction between Bikram and Hot Yoga in HOT YOGA.

Check it out:


Practical Pain Management Mindfulness Meditation Improves Chronic Low Back Pain

PopSugar Roll Out Your Mat — Study Confirms Meditation and Yoga as Best Treatments For Back Pain

Men’s Journal New Research: Back Pain May Be All In Your Head

The New York Times No Texts, Please, We’re Meditating

Time How Meditation Went Mainstream

TEDx The Gift of Silence | Nick Seaver | TEDxBeaconStreet

Tricycle Seclusion and Meditation

U.S. News & World Report The Surprising Benefits of Compassion Meditation

Fox News Mindfulness meditation provides opioid-free pain relief, study says

Time This Is Why Meditation Makes You Feel Better

The Independent Florida Alligator Students meditate before finals to lower anxiety

DNAinfo How life changes after a year of meditation Task & Purpose

The Easy, 30-Minute Routine That Can Improve Veterans’ Mental Health


Irish Examiner Yoga flash mob brighten Cork shoppers day

Forbes How Yoga Is Spreading In The U.S. The Georgia Straight SoManyDJs: Get limber with DJ El Rizzy

Bustle 7 Surprising Reasons To Try Yoga

Loyola Phoenix

Yoga: How An Ancient Art Remains Relevant


Hindus commend Calgary Police for hiring Yoga Instructor

Evening Standard What is Fat Buddha Yoga and why should you try it?

Storypick Offended By Yoga, American Parents Got ‘Namaste’ Banned From A Primary School. WTF!


The Health Site

Can yoga prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s?

UNC News

Can yoga help those experiencing depression, anxiety or PTSD?


The Georgia Bulletin Restoring mind, body and community are goals of shelter yoga class

Huffington Post Yoga: How We Serve UN Workers And International Aid Communities

PopSugar This Veteran's Life Was Transformed by Yoga and Now He's Helping Others Heal

Cronkite News Yoga’s popularity heating up with athletes

Runner’s World Can a Yoga Session Replace a Run?

The Good Men Project 10 Reasons Why Athletes Need Yoga Men's Golf Seeing Benefits of Yoga


PRN Kripalu Partners With Rina Jakubowicz To Host First Spanish-Language Yoga Teacher Training


Medical Daily 'Rage Yoga' Class Combines Yoga Poses With Swear Words, Screaming, And Beer YOGA AS EXERCISE

Swim/Swam Yoga Shoulder Strengthener for Swimmers Shape Get a Sculpted Butt with This Vinyasa Yoga Flow

CEO Live Guest blog: Six desk yoga poses from Yoga Six


The Health Site Do I need to eat vegetarian food if I practice yoga? Does Yoga Practice Require A Veggie Diet?

Economic Times Making men enlightened

Gulf News Yoga Yoga: Understanding Yoga Sutras Part 1

Yoga: Understanding Yoga Sutras Part 2

Yoga: Understanding the limbs of yoga Part 1

Yoga: Understanding the limbs of yoga Part 2

The Indian Express How to Attain Oneness with God


Science.Mic Is Bikram Yoga Dangerous? Here Are the Possible Health Risks — And Why It's Not Hot Yoga

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